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Advertising Rate Guide
Our rate as a digital channels start from:
Ordinary time: £150 to £250/Daytime-Non Peak /30 seconds
Ordinary time: £200 to £350/Evening-Peak/30 seconds
Peak Time: £450 to £750/30 Seconds
Seasonal Time: £750 to £950/Christma-Easter/30 Seconds
Extended Ads: Rate for 60 seconds or more adverts are subject to status. Please send your inquiry.

Do You Accept Advertising
Yes, we do! At BGTV we do offer advertising opportunities for advitisers of productrs, services or programs.

Our television content are Bible based and are driven by the teachings of the LORD Jesus Christ our saviour. Our programs are not designed for people of other faiths nor are we obliged to offer programs produced by people of other faiths.

What is your advertising criteria?
See fully outlined terms, conditions and criteria set out below.

Do you make/create adverts for clients?
Yes, we do. Our filming department can and will work with you to create a good quality advertising of any length to suit your need, at a reasonalble cost.
Email us for details.

Who Can Avdertise on BGTV
Ministers, Authors, Churches, Ministries, Christian businesses, schools, seminaries, manufacturers of certain products, content creators, production companies, charitable organisations and similar others may advertise ons BGTV.

Seasonal Advertising
We offer seasonal advertising slots in between targeted programs at Easter, Christmas, thanksgiving and at New Years day. Adtertising rates at this times of the seasons may be slightlyhigher tham normal. Booking your adverts several months ahead is of paramount importance. Christmas day, Boxing day, Easter Sunday & New year's eve and New year's day do command higher premiums.

Violence In Adverts
We prohibit adverts in which violence, racial abuse, domestic abuse & discrimination is in the advert. Adverts showing any level of violence or displaying violence actions (even in action movies or thrillers) should only be directed to the appropriate audience, not in kids content.We reserve a right to refuse such adverts/programs.

Advertising Specifications

Illegal Activities
Illegal Activity: Advertising must comply with all applicable laws. We prohibit apps that promote or may lead to the production of an illegal item or illegal activity.

Television advertisements of a duration of more than five minutes, sometimes referred to as 'infomercials', are not normally permitted. Where a service is off-air, infomercials may be transmitted as long as it is clear to viewers that they are not watching a BGTV service or prgram. For example, this may be acceptable overnight. All informercial are subject to status amd meeting our requirements.

The following categories of Advertisement Feature are prohibited: a) political advertising
b) advertising for faith or religion or systems of belief other than Christianity.
c) advertising for adult products, property sales, and services.
d) advertising for tobacco and marijuana products,alcohol, gaming & all such vices.
e) advertising for weapons and gun clubs.
f) advertising of business and financial television programmes that contain business news, including explanation or analysis of current financial and economic issues is prohibited.

Pornography: We prohibit advertising containing pornography or that depict graphic sexual acts or sexually explicit material.

Children Policy
The BGTV is a trusted provider of content for children. As such, we have a responsibility to ensure that advertising around this content is appropriate and does not encourage children to undertake harmful activities, cpmpromise them or lead them astray. In determining what advertising is appropriate around Children's content, the age of the target audience should be taken into account. We reserve a right to reject all inappropriate advertersing relating to children or adults.

Intellectual property
Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement: Advertising that infringes on the intellectual property rights of a third party may not be distributed or shared or advertised on BGTV. See the BGTV terms & conditions for further information about intellectual property.

The BGTV name, logos, titles, channel names, programme titles, formats, characters, sets, music or catchphrases should not normally be used by commercial advertisers, except in joint promotions or advertising for approved BGTV products.

Advertising Rules
All advertising on BGTV commercial services must be legal. It must follow applicable advertising laws and regulations. We retain the discretion in determining what an acceptable standard of advertising and if we would allow it on BGTV.

Advertising must not be misleading, harmful or offensive. We generally insist on adverts produced to an acceptable standards, including the standard applied to the content. Advertisers must ensure that all advertising materials provide adequate protection for members of the public from the inclusion of offensive, dis respectful or harmful material.

The advertising must not bring the BGTV into disrepute or jeopardise the value of the BGBTV brand.
It must:
a) be suitable for the target audience,
b) meet consumer expectations of the BGTV brand,
c) not compromise the BGTV's impartiality, editorial integrity and independence.

All advertising must be clearly presented as commercial content, distinct from editorial content.
The nature of an advertising relationship must be transparent so that it is clear to the audience that they are seeing a commercial message.
Surreptitious or subliminal advertising is prohibited on BGTV.

Advertisers must not influence content in a way that impairs the responsibility and editorial independence of the BGTV.

Advertising Rate Guide
Our rate as a digital channels start from:
Ordinary time: £150 to £250/Daytime /30 seconds
Peak Time: £250 to £550/30 Seconds
Seasonal Time: £550 to £950/30 Seconds
Extended Ads: Rate for 60 seconds or more adverts are subject to status. Please send your inquiry.

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