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img Our community life programs are offered to bring you frequent positive report of what is going on in our various global communities across the globe, showing progressive activities from across all 5 continent. The programs often show how people of faith from other nations are living their lives and walking their faith walk despite and in spite of daily challenges they face. Community issues this program also covers are such this as climate change, ocean pollution, deforrestation, pandemic crisis, big business adverse effect, etc.

img The BGTV evangelism program is for building and increasing the kingdom. We feature stories of evangelistic endeavours around the world, covering missionary work from various parts of the world and all that is going on out there. There is so much persecution of Christians around the world, espcially in Arabia, Middle East, Near & Far East where Christianity is challenging other faiths. We address the issue of forced conversion accusations and the constant persecution of those who come to Christ from other religions. Many are being imprisoned, sold to slavery, cut off, forced to embrace Islam or Hinduism, beaten, raped, dispossessed and killed for their faith in Christ. This program will open your eyes.

img Our morning worship songs featured on BGTV are a collection of contemporary Christian worship songs, performed by various musical bands/groups. Styles of songs include but is not limited to soul, jazz, Rap, Rythm & Blues, Christian folk songs, hip-hop, rock, acoustic and country incorporating popular song formats using instruments such as guitar, drums, keyboard, electric bass, and a combination of others, etc. You will enjoy our worship programs morning, noon or night.

img Lets Talk is one of the programs we have that deals with tough questions and seeks to engage people in intelligent discussions about so many topics from sex and sexuality, to monogamy, dating, adultery, drinking & gambling, marriage challenges, divorce, addictions of all kinds, money and its problems, poverty, waste, greed, our relationships with one another, what love means and other engaging topics.

img In Matthew 19v14, Jesus said: "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Our 'Let the chidren come' is a program that features children being inspired and shown how to serve, love people, love the LORD and how to walk their faith walk. Parents as well as children will enjoy this program and be inspired by it.

img Our 'Time For Prayer' program features powerful prayers being spoken over viewers. The prayers are deep and diversified covering so many areas and issues of life, including marriage, divorce, joblessness, bereavement, unemployment, health challenges, loneliness, living in dispair, fear, dating, waiting, pregnancy, infertility, cancer, disapointments, occult attacks, injustice, racism, anxiety, the enemy's attack and much more. These are prayers for breaking chains. Don't miss this segments. We typically fearure this program at 12:00-12:15pm daily, from Monday to Saturday.

img Life at work is a program designed to show how we can live life as believers at our work places, without compromising our faith and love for Jesus and without appearing to others like we are fanatics or overly religious people. Life at work also shows the challenges people face at work and how their Christian faith helps them to overcome it daily.

img Life at school is a program featuring life at school, looking at the challenges people (children & adults) face in their academic pursuits. In it we can see how schools are run & managed, how teachers cope or are struggling & why, how children learn and adapt and how older students face the pressure and challenges that education brings them. The program looks at successes and failures in the education sector. It also unveils the inequality in education and how poverty affects learning and how faith helps make a difference. Don'tmiss it!

img The Majestic Symphony program begins at dawn every morning from 06:00am to 06:30am and repeated at 12:15am to 12:30am at midnight. It is a collection of inspiring scriptures, words and prayers set to music and set on an ever changing, beautiful landscape that reveals the majestic glory of God in His creation. This program always reveal God's creation in its natural beauty and reveals the earth environment like an amazing painting on a canvass, revealing God's majesty in all His glory to us all.

img This is a BGTV home grown program that explores how believers can start a small business working from home and using the most basic tools and recources available to them. The examples featured are meant to inspire people to break out of the fear of starting something new. Examples you will see includes how to start a homestay guest business, candle making, baking, home-cooking, soap making and many such ideas. The objective of the program is to inspire you, and show you what is possible and inspire you to start working on your own dreams & ideas you have been talking about for years.

At BGTV , we are pleased to present regular programs featuring sites of the Holy Land and all of Israel. We delight in sharing about ongoing events in Israel including celebrations at Christmas, Easter, Shabbat activities, and shed light on how the appointed feasts are celebrated, including: Rosh Hashana, Yum Kippur and Succoth. We feature programs about daily life in Israel and we delight in sharing and revealing the move of God in Israel. This is a program you don't want to miss.

img Featuring Rhema WORD from our BG pastors who are heaven sent to uplift you, refill you, edify you and cradle you with encouraging and powerful messages from God. If you have been asking, seeking, looking and praying for godly answers, then welcome home!

img Our book review program takes a look at various new books on the market written by Christian authors.We aim to keep the body of Christ edified and informed as well bring books that are Holy Spirit inspired to your attention. Visit Our Bookstore!

img We take health, nurition and wellness very seriously at BGTV. You will be presented with exciting new programs, talk shows and field report on matters of health, nutrition and shown how to develop a wellness consciousness and how to stay fit. This is a unique program that is beneficial to all our viewers.

img On our BGTV healing & wellness program, you are will encounter and be blessed by various health care professionals who we bring on the TV to share with you their healing tips, talk about health challenges, suggested treatments and often how approaching health management from a Biblical perspective is helpful to you. With this program, we aim to help you get your body into the best shape possible whilst stimulating your mind. Look out for this program.

img The BGTV healing the EARTH program is aimed at all believers & church leadership. It is mainly designed for God's disciples, church Elders, Leaders, Pastors, missionaries & ministers of the Godspel of Jesus Christ. It is designed to awaken the church to take charge and play a leading role in renewing, protecting, replenishing and caring for the earth. Packed with information, awareness and education on our ECO responsibility as the Body of Christ. This program will inspire you constantly and get you doing your part for the earth.
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img At BGTV we feature undiluted WORD preached by various seasoned men & women of God. The sermons are not mundane, not filled with empty, religious rhetoric, but seasoned with the salt of the Holy Spirit. They are delivered by diverse anointed speakers to inspire, educate and edify the saints. Tune in and get blessed.

img Our instrumental worship collections are a unique collection of choregraph of sounds and music broadcasted between 10pm-12am and between 4am-6am for night owls who wishes to refresh their souls at night.

img Our unique BGTV Life WORD devotionals are powerful declarations, packed full of elevating proclamations, affirmations and life renewing words. The sessions we feature are extracted from the BG Daily Word Devise that if filled with worship, declarations and daily devotional to inspire you and make you ready each day to face life. We typically broadcast them at 6:00am & 12am (Midnight) every single day. Don't miss it!
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img At BGTV we feature different types of fils and selected entertainment that are meaningful and beneficial for your daily life. The movies we feature are aimed at uplifting you Spirit, Mind, Soul & body. They are often featured at our peak evening viewing times.

img The Holy Bible is laden with Psalms for daily living and for seeking respite from all thebarrage of challenges and evilk in our world. They are read out to uplift, restore garmony toourlives and to help us in times of battle withthe enemy. They are presented with images of mountains, fields,lakeside view, ocean views, flowing river, waterfalls, ocean view of the quietness of a lake. Tune in an align your soul with the living Word of God.

img Psalms for the soul are a collection of Psalms from the Holy Bible that are given and are suitable for healing the soul. They are blessfully read out to bless you. They are ideal for healing the hurt and pain of the soul and excellent for communicating your pain with God. They are presented with moving images, lakeside view, ocean views, flowing river, waterfalls, ocean view of the quietness of a lake. Tune in an align your soul with God.

img Our time for worship program is laden with modern, relevant, contemporary music artists from all over the world. We are keen to bring you worship that helps you connect your spirit with our heavenly Father. Not just music but worship that transforms the heart and connects the soul to its creator. Our goal is to let people see, experience and feel the sound of worship in such a way that makes our heart surrender to our creator. Melodious worship, that is our aim.

img The UNDILUTED WORD program is designed to bring our viewers and listeners life transforming WORD. The Bible said in 2 Timothy 4v3 that; "For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear." Our goal is to bring you good teachers who will not be preaching twisted truthl and twisted scriptures to you.Tune in to experience the UNDILUTED Word of God today.

img There are millions of old people in our societies. They are faced with so many challenges such as loneliness, not having enough income, endless bills to pay, multiple health challenges, lack of love from people, feeling alone, feeling abandoned, stuggling with being a widow or widower, etc. This programs aims to shine a spotlight on what growing old gracefully should be about and it is aimed at encouraging the older people in their day to day life and bring them hope.

img Our fitness lifestyle program is aired from 7:30-8:30am daily except on Sundays. It features a good hour of work-out exercises to get you going and set you fit and ready for your day. The program features tutors presenting all manner of styles including Cardio work-out, Zomber, step exercices, Jazz-ercise, aerobic fitness, step aerobics, strength training & much more.

img Life at home profiles the Christian family life at home, sharing their ups and downs, progress with their children, friends and frienship, etc. It looks at how families walk their faith walk, how they spend time together daily, at Christmas, Easter, holiday time, vacation time, conflict management, finding happines, how they study the word of God together and how they keep Christ at the centre of their family life. This is a program you will love.There is so much more to learn from other families.

This is our SOUL food program, presenting food from a Biblical point of view. The program begins from the Book of Genesis where we learn about seeds (Genesis 1v29), vegetables & green plants (Genesis 1v30b) and foods that God gave us instructions to eat . We will look at, meat, fish & all other things that moves on the ground as stated in Genesis 9v3. We will also look at the things God said not to eat in Leviticus 11:1-47, all so that we may live a healthy life. Our cooking show will explore all these topics and also brings us ways of cooking fusions style delicacies that are good, different, exciting and enjoyable to the glory of God.
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img This program is aimed at helping parents to develop good Christian parenting skills, face daily challenges in a godly way despite the tough task that parenting brings. The program features parents dealing with issues of life everyday and shares their experiences and points of view based on real life situations concerning their children, from how to equip their children with good morals, self hygeine skills, keeping their rooms tidy, study habits, talking to people with respect, taking responsibility, making friends and washing dishes, doing chores, etc.

img Greater moments with Pastor Jannet is a Bible Study style of program where she is addressing different topics, issues and matters and looking at life from a biblical perspective.You will be edified, blessed and go away with golden nuggets of how to combat all the negativity in your life and learn how to dwell in His presence. To Visit Pastor Jannet:
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img Some people find it hard to go to sleep at night either because they are pre-occupied, worried or maybe working a night shift. The worship moment sounds that we bring you at night between 12:30am and 3am are spiritually relaxing songs, brought to usher you into the presence God with the help of the Holy Spirit. They are worship medicine for the soul in those quiet hours, given to draw you closer to God.

img Our BGTV youth program is rich in content. It is aimed at addressing the lifetsyles, focus, goal, pursuits, recreation, frienships, travels and examine the problems facing the younger generation. You get a chance to see and hear young people pursuing their own goals in life with a godly mindset and share their passion with you, from worship to hiking, mountain climbing to climate change campaigning, cooking, love issues, chasing their dreams and share their world view in general. This is an exciting programs to watch.



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