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This is a broadcast agreement between you the content provider and the management of the BECOMING GREATER TELEVISION-UK (Herein referred to as The Broadcaster) whose official address is at: G1 Peffermill Court, Craigmiller Castle Gardens, Edinburgh, Scotland, EH16 4AA, United Kingdom.

BGTV is a privately owned television channel, we are family run and founded on the living word of God, as a Bible based tool for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Channel is led by pastors and ministers of the Word and other responsible believers, who are fully committed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. BGTV do not follow any religious ideological line but are greatly influenced by Pentecostal style of Christian faith.

2. BGTV Services

You may not copy, duplicate, publish, modify, distribute, sell, transfer, or reproduce in any way the material on this website without prior written permission from BGTV Limited management.

3. Purpose
BGTV is given to edify believers, assist them in their greater walk with God and prepare them for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is founded on 1 John 4v4 which says:
"You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world."

BGTV has agreed not to charge for the program(s) supplied for airing on BGTV, now or in the future. The partner/contributor also agrees that BGTV will not pay for program(s) donated, offered or submitted to us for public airing. Please note that BGTV does not charge its viewers.

5. Paid Advertising
BGTV will and does charge advertisers who places specific adverts for airing during our broadcasts. Details are of such services are available at: www.

6. Financial Exchange
There is no financial exchange involved within this specific agreement. Neither party owes each other any money. Both parties of their volition may chose to sponsor or support each other's charitable endeavours or partners. BGTV will not contribute to the cost of recording, filming, editing, shooting or producing any programs at any time.

7. Link Provision
BGTV agrees to provide viewers with links of how to connect to partners submitting programs to BGTV. This includes website, contact telephone, addresses, emails, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter contact.blicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, translate and reformat your Submission; and to publish your name in connection with your Submission.

8. Link Provision
BGTV agrees to list you among our contributing partners on our channel website and partnership page.

9. Link Provision
Both parties agrees to the use of each other's logo if applicable to advertise the program, identify the content creator and use it to direct viewers to each other's channel or websites.

All BGTV partners/program producers or content contributor agrees to hold BGTV harmless for any loss, lawsuit or damages arising from airing your program on our Channel. You agree to indemnify us for any legal defence cost arising from your aired program if such shall arise.

11. Content Liability
BGTV is NOT responsible for the content of your materials (even if vetted in advance by BGTV). We will not be held liable for any opinions, explanations, theories, suggestions, information, affirmations, statements, data, materials, quotes and opinions expressed by you within the content submitted to us. You are 100% responsible and liable for the content you produce.

12. On Demand Program
BGTV at its discretion may list programs submitted by contributors in our On-Demand program pages for further public viewing at our discretion.

13. Public Enquiries
BGTV agrees to direct at no cost, all public inquiries about any given program supplied by you to your designated email address for you to deal with. This includes invitation requests, clarification of content request, etc.

14. Endorsement Clause
BGTV makes clear that by broadcasting any content, does not imply endorsement or approval or its content, argument, explanation or opinion shared in the content. 14b. Disclaimer broadcast
BGTV reserves the right to insert a disclaimer as not taking respsonsility for the content produced by third parties and is aired on BGTV.

15. Submission requirement
Full submission criteria is set out on our website at:

16. Program Standard & quality
Materials submitted must be of the highest standard possible. Low quality materials will be politely rejected outright. Content should be made with a Philippians 4v8 mindset.

17. Copyright Infringement
Contributors will always retain the exclusive copyright to their content at all times. BGTV will not infringe, sell or tranfer such property to any third party and will respect the intellectual property of its creator. Contributors shall ensure that they have obtained proper persmission from the owners of any video, images, photographs, music, story line and other information contained in the content they have created. By submitting content to BGTV, you are affirming that you have obtained all the right permissions for any images, video, photographs and other materials therein and will idemnify BGTV from all costs resulting from your failure to do so.

18. Donations
Either party many support the charitable (Not-For-Profit) projects that each other maybe involved in at any particular time and assist in the promotion of such charitable endeavours, if it chooses. This is an optional matter which can be beneficial to both parties.

19. Platform condition
BGTV wishes to make clear that the use of our BGTV platform is a privilege and not a right to be asserted/enforced by the content creator.

20. Content Preview
BGTV reserves the exclusive right to pre-view submitted content and make recommendations where necessary to the contributor for changes or corrections. The contributor is not obliged to make any changes but BGTV will not air content it deems inappropriate or of a low quality and standard.

21. Broadcast Frequency
Broadcast frequency will be determined by the management of BGTV only.

22. Settling Disagreements
All arising disputes and conflicts shall be settle amicably between both parties in a godly manner, bearing in mind that we are reflecting Christ in all matters and at all times.

23. Slot Variability
BGTV reserves the right to air submitted programs as it suits the programming agenda of BGTV and will do its utmost to air submitted programs in slots and times that is most relevant to the program in question and to the right audience. Program times may change, vary or be altered without advance notice to the contributor.

24. Frequency of Contribution:
Contributor may submit pre-recorded, high quality and properly edited programs to BGTV at their own chosen intervals, unless otherwise agreed between both parties.

25. Broadcast Guarantees
BGTV does not promise or guarantee that all/any program submitted by its partners or content contributors will be aired on the channel.

26. Advertisement insertion
BGTV will not accept content that consist of advertisement made for or on behalf of third parties whose services or products BGTV has not approved or endorsed. It will be interpreted as a form of unpaid advertisement on BGTV, as such it will be rejected. Parties seeking to advertise on BGTV will have to approach BGTV directly.

27. Broadcasting variability
BGTV reserves the right to air all or any submitted materials in whole or in part, or as seen fit based on the available airing time and on the length of the material. Longer content may be aired as Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3 depending on the content.

28. Adverts insertion
You may not insert adverts within the content submitted to us, except your own website information, email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter information.

29. Broadcasting time
BGTV will endeavour to notify contributors as to the time their content is being aired.

30.Broadcast timing
BGTV will decide when any submitted content shall be aired and/or its frequency of program segment.

31. Duty of Due Diligence
Contributors shall ensure that content is appropriate in terms of rights, copyrights, taste, does not contain inappropriate language, viewpoints or imagery that is offensive and is unlikely to cause offence to any individuals viewer or users. BGTV reserves the right to refuse to air any inappropriate or low quality content.

32. BGTV approved Adverts
As with all our aired programs, we reserve the right to broadcast our logo, insignia, introduction music or selected program adverts before or after any submitted content is aired.

33. Conflict resolution
When conflicts or misunderstanding arises, both parties will use their best endeavour to resolve matters in line with the way Jesus would do it. Matters will be handled with respect, courtesy to one another, pleasant exchanges and applying decorum and with a godly intent on finding a reasonable solution. We are the family of Christ and it must reflect in how we treat one another.

34. Trial Time Periods
This agreement shall be valid for a trial period of six months commencing on the date this agreement is signed by both parties. It may be renewed every six months.

35. Designated Officer
It is imperative that all content contributors MUST provide BGTV management with a contact person(s) who is authorised to deal with BGTV in all matter of content, submission protocol and with other matters arising. Failure to do so will render the agreement null and void.

36. Cancelled Programs
Programs may be taken off air for a season and re-introduced at a later time/season as the discretion of BGTV programmers.

37. Subscribe Button Inserts
Content submitted with tag lines such as 'Subscribe now' 'hit the like button' and other such instructions will be edited out of the content as viewers on BGTV are unable to comply with such commands and therefore futile to insert them into the content. Contributors with content having such commands hereby agrees that BGTV editors are permitted and authorised by you to remove them before airing.

38. Broadcast Timeline
It is essential for partners/contributors to know that all broadcast are aired from Scotland and are scheduled based on the British GMT+1 timelines.

39. BGTV Terms & Conditions
For the avoidance of doubt, BGTV refers partners/program contributors to its full terms and conditions published openly on its website at:

40. Termination Clause
Either party may terminate this agreement in writing via email by serving the other party with a 30 days notice stating the reasons where they wish to terminate the agreement. Both parties agree to explore how to resolve any conflict prior to the decision to terminate the agreement.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, this agreement is governed by the laws of scotland, United Kingdom and you hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of courts in Scotland in all disputes arising out of or relating to the use of the BGTV Web Site. You agree to waive jurisdiction or venue in any other place. Use of the BGTV Web Site is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all provisions of these terms and conditions, including without limitation this paragraph.

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