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Frequently asked Questions
The following are a range of frequently asked questions which you may find informative and useful in order for you to have a good televison experience with us. We are pleased to provide answers to your questions at any time. If you do not find answers on this page, you may email your questions to us at any time.

What is Becoming Greater Television channel?
We are a Christian television, broadcast & entertainment company created for the sole purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God on the earth. We specialise in various areas of Christian media work for film, television, broadcast, drama & theatre production, studio work, music & worship.

Is BGTV a 24 hours channel?
Yes, we are! We are streaming 24/7.

Is BGTV a subsidiary of another company?
No, we are not! We are an independent, private Christian Television Channel. We are not a subsidiary of any other entity.

Are you affiliated to other Becoming Greater companies?
Yes, we are affiliated with Becoming Greater Stores Limited and the JH Becoming Greater Ministsries Limited. Although we are independent of them, we do work closely together but each company is a legal entity on its own.

Do you only feature Christian music & musicians on BGTV?
Yes, we only present Christians music and musicians on our channel.

What kind of worship music genre do you feature?
We feature all forms of contemporary Christian worship music, Hymns, Gospel beat music, hip-hop, Hyms, Southern Gospel, including soul, Jazz, R&B, Rapp, ethnic music, latino, Afro-centric worship, Gospel Reggae, etc.

Do BGTV comission create its own programs?
Yes, we do. We regularly commission, design create, invent

Do you air programs created by other parties?
Yes, we do as long as the content fits into our house style and is created tastefully, with a God cosciousness that edifies, inform and benefit the viewers. We carefully select all the programs we air. We reserve the right to edit all the programs we air to fit into our house style and format.

Can I copy imagesfrom BGTV?

You may not copy, download, publish, modify, copy, retain, distribute, sell, transfer, or reproduce in any way the material on this website without prior written permission from BGTV Limited management.

Can I download programs from BGTV

Unless specifically permitted, you may not download any program, video or audio content from us without our written/expressed permission. You may not mirror or frame any material which is contained on this website in any way shape or form.

Can I direct my own links to BGTV?
No! All unauthorised links are prohibited from linking to this website. The BGTV Limited management reserves the right to disable any unauthorized links or frame and will prosecute every unauthorised link from any third party.


This site may contain links that will let you access other websites that are not under the control of the BGTV such as jannethopewell.org; becominggreater.co.uk; or JHM Global ministry (our affiliate's) website. The links are only provided as a convenience, and BGTV Limited management does not endorse, approve or control any of these sites.

Is BGTV a 24 hours channel?
Yes, we are! We are streaming 24/7.

Do you help to bring people to faith?
Yes, we do. Every visit to BGTV offers viewers an opportunity to hear about Jesus' love for them and people are given a chance to accept Jesus as their Lord & saviour. Our website has information on knowing Jesus and on how to become born again. We are heplping people in their walk of faith daily.

How can I access a previously aired show/program?
You will never have to worry if you have missed a recently aired program on BGTV. Most programs that air on our channel will eventually be available on this site from our ON DEMAND page.
Go to: www.becominggreatertv.co.uk/ondemand.html
(Except for a few programs we don't have licensing rights for video on demand)
Simply click the 'On Demand' button from our webpage.

How qualitative are your programs?
We do our utmost to bring our viewers the highest quality content and material at all times. We constantly vet our programs and ensure that they meet the highest broadcast standard.

Can viewers make suggestions to you?
Yes, we welcome the views of our viewers. We do our best to keep growing and we will prayerfully consider what people tell us or suggest to us. If you do not see your suggested ideas implemented, don't worry. We are all work in progress and we will keep doing our best to represent Jesus Christ. We make no promises that we can/will adopt all the countless ideas & suggestions people give us. We are obedient to our calling and we pledge to adhere to the vision the Lord gave us for BGTV.

What is the BGTV statement of Faith?
Click Here For Our Faith Information!

Can I access BGTV from anywhere in the world?
Yes, you can.

Where can I buy BGTV merchandise?
BGTV works with third party organisations to create a range of great quality merchandise. You can buy these products from our approved online retailers. Please follow the STORE link on our website.

Do you endorse the content of all programs featured on BGTV?
The BGTV Limited management assumes no responsibility or liability for any material that may be featured on our channel either in content or quality. Featuring a piece of film or prgram does NOT imply that we endorse the content in part or in whole. We will be held harmless for the content of any program. Viewer discretion is advised.

What is your position on unathorised use of BGTV content?
The unauthorized use of any of the material on BGTV may violate certain copyright laws, trademark laws, communications regulations and statutes, and laws concerning privacy and publicity.

By using or accessing the BGTV website, you agree that you will indemnify BGTV Limited management for any losses incurred through your activity on this site, especially if unlawfully.

Can I get a copy of a BGTV programme?
If you are interested in purchasing a copy of a programme or series you have watched on our channel, please check commercial availability via our online approved shop/store or email us for more info. Please note that not all programmes are commercially available.

How current are the information on your website?
The information on our website are always current but may change at any time. Information contained on this website were correct a t the time of going to press/publication.

Can I advertise my products/program on BGTV?
We are very selective as to what kind of , however the product/program must meetour broadcast standard.


The use of the BGTV Limited management website is subject to the terms of use as defined and governed by our policy, which constitutes a legal binding agreement between you and the BGTV Limited management. By visiting our channel or by using our website you hereby acknowledge that you have read, understood our terms, and are in agreement to be bound by the terms of use as defined and governedby our policies.

What if I have a complaint?
Please email your complaints to: [email protected]
Orders Fax:0131 608 1036



We are a family network of believers around the world. We are a FREE Christian television, broadcast & entertainment company created for the sole purpose of advancing the Kingdom of God on the earth.

We specialise in various areas of Christian media work for film, television, broadcast, drama & theatre production, studio work, music & worship.
UK Phone/Fax: +44 (0)131 608 1036
Email: [email protected]